A Business Philosophy That Breeds Success: That’s Jayne Howell’s Way.

Jayne treasures the time she spends with her husband, Lee, and her two sons, John and Jeffrey. Anyone who’s ever been around or owned a Beagle knows the sound—that distinctive ‘AROOOOO’ howl that is music to the ears of dog lovers like local businesswoman Jayne Howell. Jayne is an upbeat individual who knows a thing or two about Beagles and some might even note the pun with her last name. Having bred and cared for litters of these spunky, loveable dogs for almost three decades, Jayne has become quite the expert on this unique breed.

Canine Caring

From the first Beagle she owned in college, Jayne found herself enamored with these shorthaired, cute little dogs. She bred her first litter when her two sons were young (to give them the experience of caring for puppies) and discovered a passion for Beagles that has spanned almost 30 years. From breeding these dogs for eager owners to owning many herself. Jayne found the perfect outlet for her caring nature, attentive demeanor and unyielding devotion. Taking this same approach in her life and business, this savvy businesswoman has accomplished many things and enjoyed great success.

A Nurturing Approach

Jayne’s nurturing talents are not just limited to her beloved dogs. With degrees in both biology and dental hygiene, Jayne dedicated herself to helping others grow their dental practices in her former roles in practice management and dental hygiene. She thrived on the challenge of helping dentists achieve their business goals almost as much as she enjoyed caring for her own patients. Jayne’s persistence, compassion and drive to help others succeed have paid off in establishing her own highly successful career as a real estate agent.

Jayne’s devotion to her family is just as strong. Jayne’s faith and her involvement in her local church is an important part of her life. Relaxation time for this busy professional might involve an occasional game of golf, vegetable gardening or simply curling up with an inspiring book.

Service to “Howell” About

It takes a special kind of person to care about others enough to do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals. Nobody knows this better than those who work with Jayne to buy or sell their home. The compassion and commitment she brings to making the most of their real estate goals is truly giving her clients something to “Howell” about in the Denton County real estate market.

A New Breed of Real Estate Professional

From consultation to close, you’ll find Jayne’s unique breed of service refreshing. She stays on top of your home purchase or sale with her superb organizational skills and consistent communication. From her keen knowledge of the local neighborhoods and her straightforward, open business style to her focus on bringing your home sale to a quick and successful close, Jayne strives to provide you with a real estate experience you’ll want to tell the world about.

It’s a philosophy of business that started from simply caring for Beagles. Now it’s a winning approach to real estate that Jayne’s clients can’t stop howling about. Work with A New Breed of Real Estate Professional—call Jayne for a complimentary consultation.





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